Knowing Me...

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If I say I'm just a teenager leading a life as normal as it can get, I sort of defy what I stand for. Its not all that easy but it has its moments. I like those moments when they come along and they bring with them a significant amount of emotion, which I only began expressing in words at age 7. Since then, its all about the writing. It gets to certain people and some just don't get it! But I think that its important for me to write because that is maybe the only talent that exists in me [not denying the presence of good enough speech to win a few here and there =P] There is little I know and there is much I simply yap about but I make sure that if its really got to be said, it better be said, however in the wrong or right. I feel much. There are lot of things I plainly observe and those are sort of the things that I adore writing about. I'm inspired by minute details and small things that have a huge impact much later on. There is much more to me that most know and many have bothered not about. Not like I want them to. But I'd like to be known. And that's what I think I stand for, being known beyond what is known. =D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shining Star

first i basked
while the sunshine did last
the glory of the day
took my troubles far away

then the day faded to noon
the sun's journey destined to end soon
i was left feeling a little scared
for fear of what lay ahead.

the noon took to eve
the sun, suddenly deciding to leave
leaving me in total darkness
nothing to hold on to, completely clueless

for quite a while stayed this gloom
even through the days and afternoons
i felt no inclination to rejoice
like i'd lost myself, and had no choice

it had been so long since i'd smiled
enjoyed, or even had fun for a while
only a fogged sky i'd seen
even lost count of how long of how long it had been

at last tonight i spotted a star
it came closer, it was afar
it shines so bright, my life glowing
i'm finally happy and its showing.....