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If I say I'm just a teenager leading a life as normal as it can get, I sort of defy what I stand for. Its not all that easy but it has its moments. I like those moments when they come along and they bring with them a significant amount of emotion, which I only began expressing in words at age 7. Since then, its all about the writing. It gets to certain people and some just don't get it! But I think that its important for me to write because that is maybe the only talent that exists in me [not denying the presence of good enough speech to win a few here and there =P] There is little I know and there is much I simply yap about but I make sure that if its really got to be said, it better be said, however in the wrong or right. I feel much. There are lot of things I plainly observe and those are sort of the things that I adore writing about. I'm inspired by minute details and small things that have a huge impact much later on. There is much more to me that most know and many have bothered not about. Not like I want them to. But I'd like to be known. And that's what I think I stand for, being known beyond what is known. =D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Picking Up The Pieces...

there was a storm, lightening and all
that broke all that i had
its over now but not reason enough
to make me fully glad
for there's a mess i have to sort
and a hell lot to think
i'll be picking up the pieces
left behind, before i sink

there's broken panes and shards of glass
with rough edges all around
they will cut but not enough
to bring me down
for there is more i have to clean
before i really reach the brink
i'll be picking up the pieces
left behind, before i sink

what is life without a hurt?
what's pain without worth?
what are wounds that never heal??
what is smoke without fire?
what's a goal without desire?
what good are we if we never feel??
there was much yesterday
and much that tomorrow brings
so i'll just pick up the pieces
left behind, before i sink....



the floor is discolored of all hopes and dreams
baring the truth in all its transparency
my world blanketed by a sea of grey
engulfing my life in dark secrecy

the surface depressed beyond recognition
drains overflow with emotions
hearts failing, souls sinking
falling infinitely beyond destruction

but oh, the hope has risen
shedding its divine light
the surface resurfaces with renewed glory
beautifying all in sight

and oh, my world shining again
dreams rising to the fore
left behind are puddles of rain
to mirror what lies at the core.....


Mental Conflicts...

a mood on my mind
but my lips are sealed
thoughts waiting to be unleashed
feelings dying to be revealed
but for the mood on my mind
my lips are sealed

lot many have tried
but to now i did not yield
though the war is on
i have fled the field
for the mood on my mind
my lips are sealed

many a truth hidden
much else is concealed
it looks superficial
but its all for real
there's a mood on my mind
but my lips are sealed......


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What I Feel....

when lost in thought
i find myself
in places i've never seen
in corners where i've never been
and yet they feel like
such a part of me
these roads that i've never traveled
mysteries waiting to be unraveled....

when in a crowd
i see faces
of people who i think i know
and those who i've watched grow
and yet they feel
so alien to my memory
like books left unread
and words waiting to be said....

when with myself
i know for sure
i'm going to different places
to see the different faces
that make me feel that
my life is real
like a journey of sorts
on the boulevard of thoughts....


Moments Stolen

they had walked long enough
in search of escape
but found not much to suffice
just a rugged corner
with a cooling sunset
was all they got for the while...

the smoothness of his tone
the nervousness in her eyes
made each tell the other
of their troubled lives
they wanted out
they'd really tried....

a tear glimmered
on her cheek
the darkening sky
silenced her smile
and made her search the lower reaches
with her eyes, and nothing to find.....

they looked,
his eyes bespoke his love
she flushed scarlet
like the setting sun
she heard what he said not
and said a lot she wished him to hear.....

and then she sealed her affection
with a soothing embrace
and all else forgotten
they returned to their origins
as if nothing transpired
but as if a millennium passed them by......


Sounds Of Silence

she uses all but words to speak
but says a thousand words to me
sometimes in laughs or loud shrieks,
she envelopes her hate and glee

she has no voice or so i've heard
but she knows my soul to be her friend
she has for ever companions yearned
and followed many for ages on end

she enters my environs like a breeze
and drives all else out the door
she rests me, puts me at ease
and says all that she has before

she shrieks and laughs all the while
and fills my solitude with noise
and then departs with a sweet smile
for me, she always had a voice.....


Beyond His Brush

he paints a bit
and ponders much
about his days
beyond the brush.....

about the times
he's painting smiles
but sees tears welling
in his muse's eyes
and the laughter those children
tried to hide
whilst he put them in paint and strokes
or rather tried!

about that couple
that earned well
but was never happy
their eyes did tell
and about his rivals
that meanly eyed
his every piece
and what he took home every night

and about that little boy
who only roamed
and had only a park bench
to call his home
and the blind man who sold
his talent for wages
but left all awed
of all ages

these sights he saw
and the stories he knew
were not half as sad
as what he'd been through
but he's left it behind
and now doesn't care much
for he's all about his musings
with or sans his brush.....


Special Souls....

for those who i love, cherish, honour, and can't live without......

its hard to imagine a world without
the sights and sounds another soul
its easy to say, and many have said
its like a sunrise that leaves you cold

when they laugh, they brighten it all
their tears drown every pain
when they're hurt it aches within
but when they smile, its like colors post rain

when they talk, they bring a new wave
their silences are like a wholesome void
their voice is like the first smell of monsoon
with each drop, the world overjoyed

there's much that they can have and want
but they care for those who need their love
they are not just those who make our day
they're the angels from above

they are light, they are rain
they are fun and trouble, all the same
they bring happiness wherever they go
and defeat the gloom in one blow
they are the sun that shines each night
and the serene morning moonlight
they're loved, hated and admired by all
they understand without even a call
they're the shiniest stars in a full galaxy
they're always there, wherever they'd be
all our lives have such special souls
because sans them, live is never whole....


Celebrating The IPL

a new year of new cricket
which just ended was begun
a month and six days back
to play some sport for fun

eight teams with eight dreams
all reaching for the prize
but who got there and who's left out
is still a big surprise!!

from the cool gang finishing low
to the last year's base being the ace
the young blood of Indian Premier League
gave it all a new face

awesome runs and run-outs
flawless wickets and their keepers
there were those who shot right to the top
and those that were slow creepers

disappointments and ecstasy
at lows and highs of our faves
where one man in the corner whines of ill-luck
the other man of superiority raves

a completely different atmosphere
an alien country with excited crowds
was accompanied by all four seasons
some wind, some shine and loads of clouds!!

people from every international team
once opponents, now play as a whole
the spirit of this game called cricket
being celebrated was the only goal

a tournament like no other
where a billion hearts beat as one
when the last ball bowled in this game of possibilities
is when we say, "the best team won!"


Good - Bye

there were times when i was leaving
and i had never turned
to say a sweet bye-bye
but no smiles i returned
not understanding
what i did lose
what equations i twisted
when this coldness i did choose

i've walked away
quite a few times
and seen confusion in rare view mirrors
instead of smiles
when the same happened to me
i knew what i'd done
i had been rude and mean
and now i had to undo what i'd begun

i knew how they felt
and i'd had my turn
and it felt bad, really bad
to watch my heart burn
and i've learned well
to learn from pain
and whatever i used to
i never did again

after all of that
whenever i left a place
i made sure i had
at least a smile on my face
and then on to now
i never left with a sigh
because fits been a while since
i've left without a good-bye


Thursday, May 14, 2009

guarding angel

roaming about
but i still know the way
i'm not aimless
i'm just wandering
till i see the light of day

i see the sunset
on the horizon
and the stars that shine out loud
i want to find
my place here
but i always get lost in the crowd

i'm following no voice
but one
which i hope will lead me through
and i pray
that at least this once
my conviction is true

only when i reach
my destination
i'll know for sure
that life always has
a guarding angel
for now and forever more....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shining Star

first i basked
while the sunshine did last
the glory of the day
took my troubles far away

then the day faded to noon
the sun's journey destined to end soon
i was left feeling a little scared
for fear of what lay ahead.

the noon took to eve
the sun, suddenly deciding to leave
leaving me in total darkness
nothing to hold on to, completely clueless

for quite a while stayed this gloom
even through the days and afternoons
i felt no inclination to rejoice
like i'd lost myself, and had no choice

it had been so long since i'd smiled
enjoyed, or even had fun for a while
only a fogged sky i'd seen
even lost count of how long of how long it had been

at last tonight i spotted a star
it came closer, it was afar
it shines so bright, my life glowing
i'm finally happy and its showing.....


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Splitsvilla 2

temptation is a hard thing to resist, especially if you have an hour of pure entertainment on one hand and an hour of concentrated studying on the other. simply speaking, i choose to indulge in Splitsvilla 2 every saturday evening.

this saturday, something happened that compelled me to write this. according to their new format, one of the 9 guys has been elected king on day one and one of the girls has been elected queen for the rest of the show and they're supposed to be wooed by the rest and then follows the whole second chance date and then the dumping and you know the drill... so this week, the king had his date with the "danger zone" [i hate that phrase] girls by the pool. he came all dressed to swim but the gals didnt know and they came all decked up in the skimpiest clothes possible. anyway, one of the girls [minakshi] was asked to get into the pool, she refused. the king then thought he'd be a little testy and he asked her to get in within 30 seconds. she didn't refuse. she felt super-conscious and the date was rather slow. the other girls got in without hesitation and didn't let the state of their items of clothing bother them.

during the dumping session, the other guys got super-furious with the king about how he could be so uncouth. supposedly, that girl's dress sort of rode up and the other guys came to know [they were leaning out the terrace to see!] and they ganged up on the king. in the end, they had jeopardized that girl's chances and she was sent home.

after all this, i just asked myself, where was this girl's dignity?? had she stuck her ground and told the king that she didn't want to or couldn't handle it and then gone home, i would have still had respect for her. i will not conform to saying "oh poor girl, look how he behaved with her?" because that king guy only tried to test her personality. she might have passed on account of having tried her best to impress him but she failed miserably in maintaining her own. after all, even if it is a game show, you can't leave your self respect behind you to win right? forget what that guy asked her to do and why he was misbehaving etc etc because that's someone else's job to think over. she traded her want to win the game with her dignity and self-pride. if tomorrow that girl blames that guy's request as her reason to go out, its wrong on her part.

those other guys who rebelled soooo much about the issue were also wrong in doing so because not only did they make one believe that the girl was not strong enough to defend herself in the issue but also got her sent home, ruining all that she did in the whole day and going home with nothing - not her dignity, not 5 lac rupees and definitely not the favour of the king guy. had the girl tried to settle the issue herself with the king guy and not left it to other lunatics to guard her long lost "dignity" she would've found herself in the show for one more week at least. and had those guys [who saw from the terraces] not spread the thing around everywhere, there would have been no issue at all! this being the scenario, i believe it is not fit to equate the game show with war because that would undermine the self respect and dignity that one finds in all men and women of the armed forces and armed services.

ultimately, my point is this - never let any circumstance or any person take away from you the dignity that you will have with you for the rest of your life, no matter what depends on it. it is better to lose with your dignity in hand rather than go home with the prize but still nothing at all.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Moving Away

a few tears
a lot of memories
few remainders
a lot of sealing
in areas
where once there was a mess
but are now spotless

a lot of people
a few foes
many friends left
for many more
turning back
is hopeless
because there is no room for regress
but only efforts for progress

and finally,
pushing, loading
weeping, consoling
last few words
but a lot more to say
for good-bye's can't
be said in a day.



first there was a time
when you just relaxed
no worry, no tension
of a time that won't come back
and then it struck
a fire grew
that's what chasing a goal
does to you

work day in
and day out
all possible questions
all imaginable doubts
everything at jet speed
all the while through
that's what chasing a goal
does to you

when the work
you embrace
the love of your loved ones
is lost in the trade
you mean no harm though
but what can you do?
'cause that's what goal chasing
does to you...


Tracing Stories of Love Lost

silent attraction
a confession
first all is lost
then all was lost
and never found again...
revisit, remember
rewind right to the start
and reel over
what is now past
no relation
no connection
one wonder -
why the silent attraction
and why a confession...


My Identity


they say its a man's world,
but i need not react
for they full well know my strengths
there's no need for proving that!

the world at my feet
the universe in my eyes
yet i love living
beneath starry skies

i am as human as anyone else
yet quite the superhero
for all tasks i have solutions
before the countdown hits zero!

i'm bound in many chains
yet i am free
there is so much more i can do
yet i love my captivity

i know who i was
i know what i can be
but i love what i am
'cause that's the best part of me

i am strength and joy
i am life and love
but first i am a woman
and within me are all the above...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Night's Song Before The Break Of Dawn...

a thousand pieces of me
each in their own individuality
graciously welcome thee
but bid farewell to me

a billion twinkling stars
so close, yet so far
fall into the waters of time
to rise again and shine

the circles that encircle me
only shine for thee
but grace my presence with their light
only out of embedded fright

admirers call me a beauty
but i'm only doing my duty
to guard the sun while it sleeps
to rest the grass before it weeps

unlike you, i'm not in sight
for you are the day, while i am the night
but if they ever might
they'd only wait for my flight

i wake for all to slumber
i shadow all pain
though for you, i fall over and over
but from you i rise and live again..


Observing A Dancer....

pirouetting to the floor
and rising in a leap
be it a stage, a road, a room
or waters dark and deep

displaying the love of expression
beautifying her reason to live
all she takes away is applause
but always has a lot to give

nimble or gentle
sharp or strong
every move is grace and magic
there seldom is anything wrong

charms with her face
performs with her feet
she reaches out with her hands
to every rhythm, every beat

there can be no stopping her
now that she's got her chance
there's always another life waiting,
but for now - she'll just dance....


Saturday, February 14, 2009

If I Had A Valentine, This Would Be For Him.....

my dear valentine,

today we celebrate
life, love and joy
and i know these are incomplete
without you, boy

today i think
is a day to remember
for we express
our love for each other

i love you for who you are
and who you will be
but i've never forgotten who you were
because every you is special for me

there will be disagreements
but i promise you for sure
that if we are together
even the harshest winds we can endure

there is no lie
behind all that i say
because the words will be the same
tomorrow and today

you hear me out
just as you say i do
but there is still much left to do
for there is much within
than without you
because i've found
true love in you.....

p.s: this is just completely spontaneous since valentine's day is round the corner. i wish you all and your valentines a happy valentine's day.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words That Just Got Written....

i wish there was a place
that demanded no emotion of me
that made no fuss about me
that just let me be.

there is one such place,
they call it the human soul
where imaginations are on a roll
where mysteries unfold
where no lies told

but there are some
who cringe to see it
who die to be one with it
who dare to defy it
but even then they deny it...

that its just a time
its just a phase
it'll pass away
like a fashion craze
so be unfazed.

its just a trap
to stop you midway
to question your say
to make you go away
to a place unfit to stay.

i feel this way too
just as you do
its not only meant for a few
its what all of us go through
just go with the flow dude!

forget for once
that there are needs to be met
cast a much wider net
and then see what you get
its what you'll love, wanna bet?

so hold your arms out
let the sun embrace you
let the world discover you
the truest of the true
for under life's hard sun
can stand only one person
so why can't that be you??


Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Difference...


i think it was some sort of prize distribution where i heard the speaker say - everyone has untapped potential and talent and it must be brought out. everyone has that "something special" and everyone has a forte`. - and so on and so forth. if i still lived in an illusion, i would believe the man and really look hard to find something. at least SOMETHING.

some people are gifted or special. no denying that they excel at something and are truly brilliant at it. these are the kinds who go down in history for having aced something that others could only vie to achieve. these are the kind of people termed in English as talented.

and then there is another lot. they know lots of things and are good at them all. they are noticed and also go down in history for having being the ALL ROUNDERS. but lets just look closely at what i just said. they're GOOD at lots of things. not great, not exceptional, not any of the adjectives one would generally use for the people mentioned a little earlier.

and there is [not so surprisingly] another breed. the ones who try. they go down in history just for that. they tried. most fail, some even manage to get promoted to another category. these are the kind of people who still trust that man's words - everyone has talent.

if everyone had talent, every house would have a Mozart, every neighbourhood would boast of a Shakespeare, every area of a Shah Rukh Khan and every city of their own Barack Obama. but such things only exist in a utopic world and sadly, ours is not. it need'nt be either. if everyone was a Mozart where would there be space for any Salieri? if everyone was a Shah Rukh Khan, where would all the up and coming actors go? there is a space meant for everyone. not necessarily a space of great name, fame and recognition, but not even of a downtrodden dung heap!

i think there needs to be a balance. everyone cannot have everything. if i can write it is definitely not mandatory that i need to sing, act or dance just because someone else does! i think i am fine the way i am and i think we ought to stay in our own domains. its good to be experimental but not if it fails every time you try and still remain oblivious to the fact that its not the thing for you. we're all cut out for a certain task and its best we stayed in our own mould. if we tried [however desperately or sincerely] to change or add on to our list of accolades or skills, we are cheating ourselves, others around us and the force that created us. worse, we're simply being greedy. when you're plate has a burger, fries and a milkshake, why covet someone else's pizza!

there is a vast difference between talent and mediocrity. i don't advocate it because it is bad enough that there is a divide even when the holy books [and the Indian Constitution] say that all are equal in the eyes of god and the law. we need not impress upon others about the divide we see between themselves and us because they're the first ones to feel it. its possible [and good] to bridge the gap and know that we can create the utopia. we need not follow the fact that there is none because all these statements of equality, potential and talent did not appear out of thin air but arose out of matters of some consequence. the rest is for you to decide. you are the best judge and the worst defense.


Friday, January 30, 2009



it feels good to be appreciated
when we share
with someone who is fair
and yet will show their care
it feels good to be appreciated

it feels good to be appreciated
through a star on the assignment
through even a small compliment
through flattery [but only to an extent]
it feels good to be appreciated

it feels good to be appreciated
when all hope is gone
when the current is strong
and we can't hold on
it feels good to be appreciated.

it feels good to be appreciated
its the best motivation
in any situation
i'm glad there's always
a little appreciation..............


Matters Of No Consequence..

what good is an idea
one cannot execute?
what good is an argument
one can always refute?

what is the worth of love
if not traded for loss?
what guarantee of items
obtained free of cost?

what use is a dream
that disturbs a sleep?
what for are tears
if we do not weep?

why even say yes
if later you'll refuse?
why even bother recycling
when you cringe to reuse?

what purpose do
useless objects serve?
which is a courageous man
without a nerve?

what greatness in joy
achieved without pain?
why even work hard
and receive no gains?

why even make friends
who are not for ever?
why mock a fool
after calling him clever?

what need of a book
that teaches not a thing?
why expect any gifts
when none you ever bring?

what need what need
of promises a heap,
which never in a lifetime
you will keep?

why is the inside scared
and the outside strong?
why take away someone's right
through your wrong?

what use is a picture
that just gathers dust?
what fun is a doing
that's done for it must?

what need of questions
when answers there are not?
and why the thinking
when no result it has got?

for all these queries
the solutions lie within
and one who learns them fastest
does the race of life win.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire II

after that long debate about the movie, the motion picture released in India. in two languages. with two separate censor certificates. the hindi one being a U/A and the english version - A. and for reasons made obvious for those who see it in its true form in english.

i saw the movie. i liked it. i knew i would for one. it is a really well crafted, well edited and even better in execution. the sound was enthralling. the casting and characterization was awesome. i walked out with tears and hope. a smile at 12 midnight. but a debate took place between my parents and me. and i think it needs mention for this is purely why the movie has deserved what it has received.

"how was it?"
"nice. but you can't really agree with the others when they call it a beautiful movie. they could have used better language, better scenes, better everything. there has been much better cinema than this in India"
"i agree about the language but what is the better cinema?? running behind trees and girls in long skirts and extravagant setting??''
"no i'm not saying that but there are movies like TZP and Black and all that deserve more than they have gotten. they deserve to go to the Oscars"
"but Miracle Worker is a better work of art than Black - both on the same subject. and TZP is real and could have been an Oscar nominee but we have not seen other foreign language films also no, like Waltz With Bashir and I've Loved You So Long, which have qualified for such awards. the award guys would have seen Something in them na???"
"hmm, ya but there has been better cinema in India than this. it is more real"
"i disagree, i think the only film maker who has gotten close to real is Madhur Bhandarkar. everyone is still taking off the cream on the surface, not many really go underground, which is possibly what the audiences want to see now. people are still either on the surface or somewhere in the middle. very few have ventured below and given something different that everyone is waiting to see".....

and so it went on. its not necessary to know who won, who said what but what is essential is the realization that films like Slumdog, or any other for that matter, that show the inner realities and the so-called murky underbelly of the nation are what the audience wants to see now. when defining the word different in cinema, we ought to concentrate on works like these as example. it may not be a perfect and beautiful work of art but its brilliant in a really beautiful way. watch it to find out. i know i did...


of things we dont exactly know....

they talk of death and dying
but have you ever heard them trying?
some say it hurts
some see a white light
and the others say its like flying...

they have no experience
no proven sense
and still they refute
the claims to their frauds
and wish the world held them in reverence

towards the end
if it ever mattered
their lives would be ruined
their causes lost
their existences forever shattered

but ultimately if one sees
the world in all its glory
was never meant
or dreamed for anyone
'cause death is a certainty.........


Saturday, January 24, 2009

on the side....

afternoon. my family enters the restaurant with me in tow. we sit. we are waited on. we get menu cards. we see the bill of fares. we begin to order...
"one chicken tikka masala"
"one dal tadka"
"one makhni sabzi"
"3 rotis one butter naan".

the food arrives. i survey the dishes. since i am a vegetarian [converted] i have only the other two dishes to feast on. the dal is served and now its the turn of the sabzi. i allow it to enter the premises of my brass plate. it has beans, carrots, peas, capsicum,sauce and paneer.

lets get one thing straight: i do not eat paneer. i do not relish it.

"now what?? its got paneer"
"eat the rest, put the paneer on the side......."

cut to: everyday life

this one incident occurs quite a few times in my life and similar things happen to everyone. we refuse certain things put in our plates but the best solution is to eat the best, leave the rest. on the side.

this one lesson which has its origin in food i shun has become quite a huge part of me now. what ever comes in one's path is really not one's doing. it just presents itself and expects to be dealt with. there would necessarily be some elements that one cannot utilize or cope with. the best solution, instead of any other [which might lead to disastrous consequences], is to put it out of one's path.

if we begin to live with this policy of just side-tracking the obstacles that we think are problem-causing, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble, thought and energy - trust me! it is just a matter of prioritization maybe but its the only way that we can really really win with the cards we've been dealt. there's no point in packing off just because one of the five that we have is bad! that way everything would be pathetic and left off purely because it has something that is not to our liking. we'd never be happy. we'd never have anything in life to begin with......

so lets all just not crib, and indulge in the wonderful dishes on life's menu....


Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Life Just Stops....

it has been 8(going on 9) years since i have been writing. it started innocent with really childish poems and stuff and now i think i write with a little more sense and experience behind me....but never in these years, ever, have i suffered from writer's block. i do now. and quite frequently..

what a hypocrite, you might say because i talk of writer's block and you still see the occasional note. but the fact that the notes are only occasional and not like the frequency at which they were generated earlier bothers sometimes occurs to me that i must be too caught up to concentrate on my one true talent [although people may think otherwise (about the talent thing) ] but later an idea popped : am i losing it all? have i, like the humans on earth, exhausted my resources?

see, i believe that one can be out of ideas, but to be out of execution powers? i mean, i know very few people can write because it is not something that someone can teach you, but there definitely cannot be a time where there are ideas, which never seem to materialize! somewhat like a miscarriage [if you can really get into comparison mode but i will not indulge]

ultimately, this note, only only and only talks about the "phases" we all go through, writers or no-writers....i believe, that this is not the end, i know it cant be, it wont be, because i have soooo much more within me that i want to let out, i just cannot wait to jump up and start all over again! start ideating, start executing, start living.......'cause that's all i know how to do.....


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


when i'm there
i go unnoticed.
when i leave,
i take the world with me

from me the is the earth
the sun, the moon
the stars
we all love to see

i arouse beauty
i induce purity
i release anger
for i long to be free

i have no form
no dimension nor direction
i just have one goal
in the hearts of all i must be

there is no soul alive without me
i fuel the circle of life
i bring change and reformation
i'm a lifebuoy for those at sea

there is none alien from me
but today no one even admits
that i'll make the sun rise and set
and turn the world around till eternity....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


the 12th of January really proved to be a landmark day for every Indian, whether in India or abroad. it was the day that an Indian based movie won four Golden Globe Awards and the first time, as far as my knowledge goes, that an Indian has been honoured with this award. the movie is Slumdog Millionaire.

little background: this is a movie by director Danny Boyle based on a book by Vikas Swarup called Q and A. the movie won four awards:
best screenplay - Simon Beaufoy
best director - Danny Boyle
best original music score - A.R. Rahman
best motion picture [drama] - Slumdog Millionaire.

now, that day was a day of national pride where a movie about our city, its people and certain elements that exist within was lauded with such a high honour. but there are people who will easily refute me on this one with the following statements:
ya right, a movie about slums, their people and conditions as a national pride?
but the movie was made by a foreign national, why even call it Indian?
why really consider any other laurel than the one given to Rahman as our own?

the answers now follow...

well, the fact that out of everything that our country is based on and exhibits proudly objects at grass root level were taken as subject of an award winning novel and then a film?? not that we must be proud of the existence of slums in our country or anywhere for that matter but it is a great feeling to know that someone voiced their concern too, even though it was through fiction and drama. they too have a life you know and its great that their lives, however turbulent and battered, have inspired such works of art.

Danny Boyle is a foreign national. agreed. but what about the fact that he had so many Indians on his cast and crew? the cast was Indian and included actors like Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan along with many others. the co-director is Loveleen Tandan, an Indian. even A.R.Rahman was chosen for his part, he too is much of an Indian connection with the movie that has gained critical acclaim all over the world and we should only laud Rahman? why not the whole movie? it is a matter of great joy that our country is making advances in this field and coming out shining at the top, even if we start from the bottom!

ultimately, i'm not here to change any opinions, only here to present another. this is purely a matter of perspective and i think that if we chose the positive over the negative, we would all make progress in our fields.



its the test to find the truest of true
the purest of pure
its when times are the hardest
and the best thing to do is ENDURE.

endurance of the emotional backlog
endurance of the pain
enduring the elasticity
until there is a strain.....

sometimes we hang on tight
afraid of what we'll loose
but its the insecurity with which
we blow-out the fuse

sometimes its hard to let go
of the remains of the rope untied
and really pushing to make it work
and not just knowing we tried

though seated side by side
the space between is enormous
the games played by people and the mind
always prove to be dangerous

never seeing face
nor hearing the voice we love
pushes us over the edge
until we've had enough

the wind is strong
the current is high
while some let go easily
the others dont seem to tire

its the one who holds onto the cliff
even when blown away
that passes the test of distances
the truest of true they say....



the year 2008 brought us quite a few good and bad things along with many others....some of these were pure fun, others were pure nonsense.....but one thing that has sort of got my attention is the MTV Tickr.

for those unfamiliar with the concept, the Tickr is a sort of infinitely scrolling marquee at the bottom of the screen that has an opinion to voice about practically everything under the sun. at times these opinions are fun but other times, the wit takes a really cruel form of sarcasm. sarcasm that should not only be restricted to a certain audience but one that shouldn't really exist to begin with.

frankly speaking, there are certain sections of the Tickr that i really like - their horoscope and sometimes the jokes they crack on famous celebs. but the rest of the times, i end up not wanting to flick to that channel. the remarks are hurtful and very very rude and look like they come from a place where the writer is of a high personal opinion.

just this morning there was a certain feature about being stuck in a lift with Anil Kapoor. the remarks were really pathetic and taunted certain aspects of his work and even had a comment that said "congratulate him on the success of Slumdog Millionaire at the Golden Globes....and then say 'oh, wait, you didnt get one right??' "......

this one really got to my nerves because it was a moment of national pride for us when Slumdog Millionaire won the 4 awards at the ceremony, and it being tarnished in any way even by an insignificant little purple and white thing was really wrong....

coming to the conclusion, i do not wish to advocate in any sort of manner that the Tickr or any of its comments or anything associated with it but i just thought it appropriate to voice, not an opinion but a concern, about what we are indulging in and what really is the world coming to...


Sunday, January 4, 2009

girl power or overpower?


having said that, i shall now begin an observation of what i have been seeing for a past few years.

women liberation, women empowerment and in kiddie terms, girl power, are subjects that have dominated the scene for quite a while now. reason being the sharp rise in molestation cases or women harassment cases across the globe. every career now boasts of a woman on top of it. everywhere one sees praises of women and how they are so strong and how they multitask and how this and how that.

men are scum. they are so low down. dont they have shame enough to respect a woman. they are so domineering. they had better realise that the woman makes their home home enough to live in. they have an overly large ego. why are they so suppressive? why dont they understand her needs? why is it all about them? why? why? why?

two different genders. and they have had their day in two separate eras. but i think that this whole women are better and men ought to know their place thing is going a bit to far now. i mean, now the man is the more downtrodden creature and no one is saying a thing. instead, now there are new complaints sprouting up! and then if they guy tries to say something, they jsut start off with the rut " its all about you"....

i belong to the female sex too you know and i too enjoy the advantages i get out of such demands and complaints and the final submission. but the fact is, i'm now kinda feeling sorry for the man. not like i am going to give up the whole overriding position we have earned but we have to tone it down a bit. we cant always be the supreme power!

there is also one more hitch i have with this whole thing is that women are actually trying to associate themselves with EVERYthing that men do. what they forget in this pursuit is that there are somethings we have already aced that men can only dream to do. and some things are best left to them. if we constantly run this race for supremacy, it'll just be like a world war with every country racing to have top-notch armaments.

give it a rest. it need not go back to square one but we can all come to a mutual consensus and know that everything is perfect in its place. if you try to paint the sky red and paint the grass purple, you're bound to have a world far worse than it was before you began to revolutionize it.


teens accused - guilty as charged???

whoaa! its been a good long time since i've been down this road! first off, happy new year! well this year is certainly turning out to be new in terms of feelings, emotions, situations and expectations......but all rolled into one, we get the end product as teenage or, to use a bigger word to show my brainy self off, adolescence.

hmph! where does one begin with this? terribly done to death with boring, long articles and speeches droning on and on about problems with understanding, maturity and its cure. but all done by adults. here comes the reality check: adults really cant get at the real deal just because they've crossed the stage and not-so surprisingly enough, the times have drastically changed, even from one generation to the next. point being, its better to know about the disease from the one that endures it.

lets get started shall we?

accusation: teens do NOT value relationships.

the truth: that's the worse thing you can tell anyone, specially a teen. its now that they begin to explore various relationships and their true significance in their lives. it is now that girls go our with their mothers to spend a girls day out and guys actually break the ice with their fathers. it is now that they have infatuations and boyfriends and girlfriends. it is now that they treasure their friends. it is now that they finally know the family as a family and not as the sweet uncles and aunties who get toys and chocolates for the little five-year old. don't accuse them with this, because it will truly break their highly vulnerable hearts and in all probability, make them averse to emoting and caring for relationships that matter the most.

accusation: teens have understanding issues where parents don't get them and vice-versa.

the truth: that comes with the fact that they really cant have a very active role in this phase of our lives because we're so busy understanding ourselves, how can we possibly understand much else? and if adults in relationships and marriages claim at times that they are unable to understand one another, why are we the prime accused under this crime?

accusation: teens are not mature enough....for practically anything!

the truth: do you actually expect a teenager to know stuff very much out of their league and area of expertise and still expect them to enjoy the age they belong to? i mean if teens at 15 and 16 get into stuff like relationship counselling as a career now, when are they supposed to live the years of extreme crazes and fun times???????

accusation: teens are confused. period.

the truth: ummm, confused??? well if that's the case, perhaps the accusers would like to go deeper to the root cause - too much pressure! i mean, if you are actually going to ask the child to widen their horizon into various fields and be the best at it, at a time when they're supposed to make their career choices and plan out the rest of their lives, they're bound to be confused. you cant be a jack of all traits when its time for you to master at least one to suffice your existence.

accusation:teens have erratic mood swings and are not even tempered.

the truth: really? and it does not apply to any other section of society? with the exceptions of sages and perfect people, everyone has this problem. blame it on hormones but we're just growing up people, give us a break!

accusation: teen=mean.

the truth: not all teens are the bad boy and bad girl types yaar! come off it! don't generalise. that's a major problem with all our "society" and it shall be dwelt upon soon....

the biggest myth of all about all of the above: there is a cure.....

myth-buster: WRONGO!!!! absolutely not! though there are members of the teen group who can be found guilty under any of the above or any others but hey, there is no medicine, therapy or counselling that can undo what has built up over the years. its all a phase, we all go through it, it gets over, we're no longer part of it. that's it. the only way to actually get over stuff like this, is let time take its decided action on all of it. we have to just leave it be sometimes and not nag, okay! there are things that cant be talked out, cant be understood, cant be shared and sometimes, the perfect thing to do is leave it be.

to finally let you go from this teen-talk, one cannot predict or chalk out the lives of teenagers, because they are all so different and unique and special. each of us is on the quest for their identity and the time allotted to us is now. so the best thing for anyone other than this person to do is to be patient, calm and supportive but not imposingly so, so as to burden. just for the teen to know that you're there is enough, because believe it or not, we might look like we hate elders, who generously give advice and generally people who fall under such a category, we need you all the same.

a note before i take your leave: this is not an attempt for a teen to shame anyone or anything that counters these statements. this is also not a means of venting out anger of any sort. this was purely a means to get our side of the story across. a humble apology with all my heart to anyone that i have offended.