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If I say I'm just a teenager leading a life as normal as it can get, I sort of defy what I stand for. Its not all that easy but it has its moments. I like those moments when they come along and they bring with them a significant amount of emotion, which I only began expressing in words at age 7. Since then, its all about the writing. It gets to certain people and some just don't get it! But I think that its important for me to write because that is maybe the only talent that exists in me [not denying the presence of good enough speech to win a few here and there =P] There is little I know and there is much I simply yap about but I make sure that if its really got to be said, it better be said, however in the wrong or right. I feel much. There are lot of things I plainly observe and those are sort of the things that I adore writing about. I'm inspired by minute details and small things that have a huge impact much later on. There is much more to me that most know and many have bothered not about. Not like I want them to. But I'd like to be known. And that's what I think I stand for, being known beyond what is known. =D

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Breathing embers
Flaring tempers
Spitfire, seethe
Now stop a minute,
Just breathe.

Glowing embers
Rise and simmer
Ignite, sift
Now rewind
And relive.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


The most fascinating game of life is that of love. And the most fascinating game on a Windows OS is that of Minesweeper. And strangely, they're both related. Not in the rather obvious manner that they are both fascinating and that i may love Minesweeper, but in a much deeper manner of philosophy.

Talking to a senior of mine, Sugandha, brought us to discuss the most popular topic in a girls' college - boys/men. We discussed how we only know boys and that there are no men left for poor single girls to date etc etc. Meandering around this territory we discussed movie characters who make us weak in our knees and make us want to date them. Her contention was that we have no hope of finding such men in our country. I, having had the privilege and the pain of knowing men who come close enough, obviously disagreed. But then, we both concurred that even if we do find men like them, they're always flawed and that ruins everything. They're inherently insensitive or just pathetic and that kills the whole aura. And just when we're sp close to ideal...bam! Gone! Just like that. And it struck me then - isn't that exactly how Minesweeper works?

Well, you try making points by avoiding the bombs and just when you get a huge area and you move to the next measley tile, boom! Dead. Over. Finito. That's how finding the perfect guy works doesn't it? You get close, you think you've struck gold when suddenly it all disappears, leaving you to blame leprechauns, fate, false expectations, And finally, men. Agreed that the arena of Minesweeper can be conquered with practice, but who is to say that one cannot discover that technique with men? Agreed you safeguard your position for life and make sure you've marked off all the mine areas with no apparent victory at hand, but at least you've moved through it unhurt! And who knows, maybe that smiley face on top becomes a permanent feature with an actual prize to get at the end!

So maybe we've not reached there yet. Um, hello captain obvious. But at least we know the way there. Or we can find it if we try. Maybe all games do have a lifetime and lifestyle value add after all.. :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


“I wait in anticipation for streams to gush
And for every day to be flooded by you
I sit, impatiently, for you to shower
All your love and care like you do.”

“You make me sound like the elusive rain
Like a monsoon evading the land
As if I approach and then slip away
Like the ungrounded, shifty sand.”

“I long to bask in your sweet embrace
And to soak in every trouble you’ve got
I long to tan in the shades of affection
To shine like each of your thoughts”

“You make me sound like the crackling heat
Of a summer that scorches the shore
As if I change all snows to rivers
that flow to the ocean’s core.”

“I wish to fall, as free as a leaf,
In your love, each and every day
And when dusk comes, I’ll float elsewhere
Drifting with the breeze coming your way.”

“You make me sound like the fiery autumn
That changes the way the world looks
As I master your every direction
With a fairytale charm, of books.”

“You make want to cling to every fibre
Of warmth, when you’re distant and cold
It makes me wonder how far the days are
Of love- laden of gold?”

“You make me sound like the harshest of winters
That makes even the strongest beast cower
As I move from place to place
Leaving you colder by the hour.

"You make me sound like the many seasons
That our lovely love has lasted through
And now I know, the one the holds us together
Is the humble and earthy you.
Because no matter where I go in my life
The streets of whichever land I roam
to me you are my only reason,
and the only place I call home.”

(A special thanks to Mr.J for sparking this. Inspiration can indeed be found in anything)